Handheld α β γ Contamination Monitor DH80

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Handheld α β γ Contamination Monitor DH80

Handheld α β γ contamination monitor DH80 can make measurement of radioactive surface contamination, provides high sensitivity for three, alpha, beta and gamma radiation. The instrument is therefore ideally suited for the measure ment of photon emitting radio nuclides, widely used in nuclear medicine as well as in other laboratories environments.It can test gross count, counting rate, nuclide activity, nuclide concentration etc. can test food, auto parts, and other objects etc.

α β γ contamination
cps,Bq,Bq/cm2 optional
Three kinds of testing mode, single, continuous and smoothness
Continuous adjustment of alarm value, sound and light alarm
Data memory, record of stored memory, real time clock
Fault display 
Lithium recharble battery
USB port
Lattice LCD 
Can write scale factor, area, smoothness factor
Continuous adjustment of time clock
8 keys, controlling of measurement, backlight, alarm, 4 multi-function keys.
Low voltage display
Alarm of outrange, alarm of GM tube block

Detector: GM tube
Detecting area:21.23cm²
Counting range:1~1000000
Detecting capability:α≥35%(239Pu), β≥35%
Sensitivity:  α>7s-1Bq-1cm2     β>7s-1Bq-1cm2
Ground rate: α≤3,β≤120 every minute
Detecting time:1,10,20,60,120 optional
Display: CPM,CPS,Bq/cm2
Power:  Li battery
Size: Operator:18×10.5×5(cm)
Weight: 1.20Kg



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